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Thank you for purchasing a DIY Kit!

The contents of your kit may vary slightly due to availability of products.

Let's get Started!

Follow the step-by-step instructions to build your Boho Eucalyptus Wreath!

Layout all of the kit materials on a prepped surface .  

Optional - Gather any additional decorations or ribbon you would like to use to make your

wreath a bit fancier or fit your decor. 

Decide how you would like your wreath to look with the ribbon on bottom middle, top or side like a half moon.

Let's get building! 

  1.  Start by wrapping the floral tape around your hoop. Stretch and pull the tape firmly and it should get a tad bit tacky, enough to stick to it's self. Cover about 1/3 around the hoop. This will help keep the dried florals in place.

  2. Take the end of the green wire and wrap it around the hoop at the starting point of your tape. Twist to secure. (Don't cut the wire unless it's in the instructions)

  3.  Take the larger greenery and cut it into smaller pieces. Gather a small hand full of this dried greenery, lining up all the ends of the stems in your hand (like a small bouquet). You can add your other ingredients like the bunny tails or save those for last if you like.  You kits should make approx 6 small bunches. 

  4. Line up all the stems and place it where your wire is tied (cut ends towards the tape). Take your wire and wrap it firmly around the stems several (5-8) times. If the greenery moves its too loose. 

  5. After the first bundle, wrap your wire about 1-3 inches down the frame.

  6. Gather your second bunch of greenery and lay it down on your hoop overlapping the ends of the first bunch slightly where the wire is and wrap it firmly.  All the greenery should be facing the same direction with the cut ends facing the floral tape.

  7. Continue the process by adding 1 more bunch of greenery (total of 3 bunches). 

  8. Hold up your wreath to see how you are doing!

  9. Once you have one half complete, tie off your wire like you would tie a string and cut it. If you want a half moon/crescent shape, don't cut the wire and continue the same process by adding 3 more bunches in the same direction. 

  10. Re-tie the wire to the opposite end of your wreath at the end of the tape, just like the first time. 

  11. Gather a new bunch of greenery and repeat steps 3-7 in the opposite direction.

  12. Now add in the palm spear, bunny tails, fern and any additional items your kit may have come with, if you haven't already. Securing them with the wire in the middle (or hot glue if you prefer). How you decorate is up to you! Tie off the wire again, cut it and stick the end in between the greenery. 

  13.  Hold up your wreath and secure any pieces that maybe out of place with an other piece of wire or hot glue.

  14. Use the longest piece of ribbon and wrap it around the middle of your wreath where the wire and stems are exposed. (Or at the side if you went with the half moon version). Wrap it one or two times and tie the ribbon in a bow like you would tie your shoes. 

  15. Optional: Take the second ribbon and loop it round the top of the wreath frame or were you would like it to hang from. Knot the ends and your wreath is ready to hang!

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