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Thank you for purchasing a DIY Kit!

The contents of your kit may vary slightly due to availability of fresh product.

Let's get Started!

Follow the instructional video below or scroll down to read

the step-by-step process to build your Mini Grinch Tree!

Layout all of the kit materials on a prepped surface + put your gloves on.  Tip - the sap of the greenery can get sticky

Optional - Gather any additional decorations, garland or mini lights if you would like

personalize your Grinch Tree a little more!

Let's get building! 

  1.  Start by wetting the oasis floral foam in the container by filling it up with water and letting the foam soak it up. Once its fully dark green and saturated you are ready to start. Tip - do not poke the foam too much. It will start to fall apart when to much of the greenery gets readjusted.

  2. Grab one larger cedar branch (about 9-12 inches long), but not too large as this will be the total  height of your Grinch tree. Remove any greenery from the bottom of the branch(s) and stick it in the middle of the foam. 

  3. Start putting shorter cedar pieces/branches around the branch in the middle (use cedar only). Creating a Christmas tree shape that is fuller at the bottom and skinnier at the top. Filling in the top portion of the foam.

  4. Once you are happy with your shape, grab your wire and tie the end to a sturdy branch at the base of the tree. 

  5. Grab the greenery and hold it together in your tree shape. Start wrapping the wire around the tree, somewhat loosely at the bottom (but not too loose) and going tighter at the top.

  6. Wrap all the way to the top/tip of the tree (go twice over the top) and then back down again. Cut the wire and tie it to a tick branch.

  7. Bend your tree into Grinch shape.

  8. Now you can start adding in shorter pieces of cedar and fir (all other greenery in your kit) around your tree into the sides of the foam. Filling it in all the way until no foam is visible.

  9. Time to decorate! Add in your eucalyptus, pine cones and bunny tails. Use the wood picks and secure them to the magnolia leave to stick them into the foam. 

  10. Take a small piece of wire + the bauble and secure the bauble to the tip of your Grinch tree. 

  11. Add in any additional decor & you are done!

  12. Make sure to keep it well watered!

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