> houseplants

We aim to provide you with the most beautiful and more unusual houseplants available. Sourcing our plants weekly from a range of different suppliers to keep our selection fresh and updated. From common house plants to the harder to find plant specimens, from easy keepers to plant expert level 10 plants, pet friendly, low light and bright locations, we have them all.  It's really important that our customers feel confident taking a plant home to nurture. 

> plant cuttings

(CURRENTLY NOT OFFERING) Are you an avid plant parent looking for a challenge or a on a budget? Usually we buy seed to grow a new plant, but starting a new plant from a cutting is a much easier and a better way to propagate your own. We now offer a range of plant cuttings - rooted & un-rooted. 


> plant care 

You're thinking about getting a plant! Our staff aims to support all levels of plant-ies, whether you already have a jungle or are hesitant about bringing your first plant home. We can help you get started & continue on your Plant Parent journey by providing in-store instructions, plant consultations, online plant care & workshops.

> let us do the dirty work

Every plant needs a bigger container at some point in their life time. Have a plant a home that has out grown its current home and is in desperate need of a bigger container, but you would rather not have to re-pot it or aren't sure how. Bring it in! We love seeing your houseplants (please make sure your plants are healthy + pest free - cover your plants in negative temperatures) and can re-pot your beauties for you. Would like to know how to do it? Stay and watch + learn some plant care tips! 


> custom outdoor planters

We offer custom outdoor succulent/cacti planters every spring! Bring in your own container to get filled with plants or choose from our selection. Our outdoor planters are artfully created to look like mini desert landscapes, making them the perfect addition to your south facing patio. We also offer a variety of indoor plants that can be housed outdoors in the summer, both shade and sun loving!

> installations & plant walls

Do you know we do projects of all sizes? We can create living plant walls custom to your home or commercial business. Living plant walls make great accent pieces to the overall decor and are ideal to create some privacy. Each piece is created with specific plants ideal to it's environment. With the option of monthly maintenance. 


> fresh flowers

Our floral masterpieces extend past weddings and events. We offer seasonal fresh flower arrangements and workshops. See our social media, plant mail and workshop page for updates on when our fresh flowers are available. 

> questions

Have any questions, inquiries, plant projects, ideas or would like a custom order - contact us or come see us in store!