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Dusting Your Plants

It may seem like a tedious task even more so if you already dislike dusting but our houseplants do need a regular cleaning to keep them healthy & thriving.

Why do I need to dust my plants?

A layer of dust on the leaves of our plants will block sunlight & reduce the plants ability to photosynthesis.

How often should you dust your plants?

Any time you notice a build up of dust & debris on your plant is a good time to give it a little cleaning. If you run your finger across the leaf & there is a adequate amount of dust on your finger afterwards it's time to dust! If you find certain plants have more build you may have to dust them more frequently than others.

What's the best way to dust my plants?

This really is up to you! We suggest you get a microfiber cloth & use neem! This way while you dust the neem will help prevent bugs or kill any pests you can't see! Make sure to switch out clothes between plants to prevent the spread of pests if you have any! You can also give it a rinse in your sink, tub or shower however this doesn't always get rid of all the dust.

Remember to be gentle with your bigger plant leaves for those that are a little more delicate as too much force with cleaning can cause the leaves to rip & for those plants that are a little harder to dust like cacti you can use a paintbrush to get where your cloth cannot.


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