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Fall Plant Care Guide

Warm Days & Chilly Nights

Both your indoor and outdoor plants need to adjust to the changes of the seasons. Your indoor plants may need a little extra care to help them get acclimatized by adjusting their light and watering needs.

Bring Plants Indoors

If you haven't already started, this will be the time to start bringing in your less hardy plants or and tropicals you have brought outside for the summer. Nights are getting cold and the first frost can start happening anytime. When bringing them in check for any pests that your plants may harbor. This maybe a good time to hose them off and give them a good clean.

Adjust Watering Needs

With the weather being cooler and their growth slowing down you may need to adjust your watering schedule to less frequently. Check your plants to make sure they need drink before adding more. Most plants like their soil to dry out a minimum of 2" at the top.

Shorter Days

This means your plants will be getting much less light. You may need to move some plants to get them closer to a window or get them some direct sun light.

Losing Leaves?

It is totally normal for plants to start losing some leaves or start seeing some yellowing. Depending on the plant, they will go through the seasons just like us. Their growth will slow down, drop a few leaves and some may go dormant all together.


We often get recommended to fertilize less or stop altogether in the fall + winter. Plants will still need their nutrients! A good rule of thumb to follow - fertilize your plant(s) anytime you see new active growth. When a plant is pushing out new leaves, this is the time it needs a little boost!


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