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Let's Talk Fungus Gnats

What are they?

Although they look like a fruit fly they are a short lived gnat that feed on fungi growing on soil. Even though they can be quite annoying they don't cause damage to our house plants.

What do you do to get rid of them?

There are many ways to get rid of this pesky bug, from sticky traps to neem & all the home remedies however if you have a really bad infestation we suggest repotting the effected plants, if you don't want to repot the entire plant taking the top layer of soil (1"-2") out & replacing it should do the trick. This where the eggs are laid & why repotting is a great way to ensure you get rid of the eggs so no new gnats can be born. If you have a large amount of adult gnats the sticky traps are effective at catching them.

How do I prevent them?

Fungus gnats grow in soil when it is wet enough to fungi to grow. This means if you're constantly over watering your house plants these little guys will move in. They lay their eggs in the damp soil making them. hard to get rid once in our homes as they reproduce quite quickly. The best way to prevent gnats is allowing your plants enough time to dry out between watering.

We hope this information was helpful & if you have any questions about specific plants or need extra help feel free to send us a message


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