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Let's Talk Repotting

Let's talk Repotting

Now that the weather is warming up & we have more daylight our plants will start producing a lot of new growth again. With new growth also comes repotting. Here's some of our most asked potting questions.

How do I know if my plant needs to be repotted?

There are multiple signs your plant needs a bigger home. If you can see the roots coming out the bottom or roots growing out the top or your pot, your plant is growing slower then normal, the plant is top heavy or falls over easily & lastly the soil is drying out to quick.

When should I repot my house plant? This answer can change depending on the type of plant but spring is the best time to repot however if your plant is in desperate need of a bigger pot it we suggest you do it sooner rather then later to avoid your plant becoming too root bound.

What size pot should my plant go into?

Putting your plant in too big or too small of a pot can cause it to go into shock. You only want to go up a 2" pot size. If it's in a 4" pot you'd pot it into a 6", if it is in a 6" you'd pot it in a 8" & so on.

Does Repotting stress my plants?

It is normal for plants temporarily slow down their growth or loose a few leaves after being repotted. No need to panic just keep doing your plant care & give it time to readjust.

Even if you don't think your plant needs to be repotted it's recommended to do so every 1-2 years as the plant will use up all the nutrients in the soil.

If you have any questions about a specific plant or are unsure if it needs to be repotted feel free to send us a photo or bring it into the store & we will help you.

Remember if it's below 0° to wrap them!

This prevents irriversible cold damage.

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