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On The Sill | Angel Wing Begonia

Angel wing begonia- begonia coccinea

Commonly named for the shape of their leaves, the Angel wing is native to Brazil and grows on upright stems with uniquely dotted leaves and blooms that display gorgeous colors of white, pink, orange and red.

LIGHT- The angel wing begonia likes bright indirect light year round which will promote flowering. They will also grow in low light but will likely not bloom under these conditions.

WATER- Keep the soil moist but not soggy for these guys. Allow to dry slightly between watering.

PRUNING - To promote a bushier plant, prune the stem of your plant slightly above a leaf. A new stem will grow out from where it was cut. Trim back any crowded or leggy shoots to your desired length.

TOXICITY - Angel wing begonias are toxic so it's best to keep these guys away from


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