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On the Sill | Beetle Peperomia

On the sill Beetle peperomia - peperomia angulata

Native to South America the beetle peperomia grows in shady tropical & subtropical conditions. This plant is a semi-succulent meaning it stores waters in its leaves.

LIGHT- This plant thrives best medium - bright indirect light. Although these plants can also tolerant lower light this isn't the best for them & you will see slower growth. A lot of people think they can tolerate direct sun but in our hot Alberta summers you have to keep an eye on them as too much hot sun will cause the leaves to burn.

WATER- Although we consider the care of these plants like succulents they do need a little more water then a true succulent. Allow peperomias time to try about a little between watering & once every 2-3 weeks.

PRUNING - peperomia benefit from regular annual pruning to correct any leggy or sparse growth. Pinching the stems back in the spring will help maximize that lush fullness we all love! To propagate this plant you can take a cutting form the plant & stick it in water it's that simple! Once it's rooting simply plant it into soil & up your watering a little to ensure it adjusts properly.

TOXICITY - One of our favorite thing about peperomias is they're non-toxic making it the perfect addition to any home!


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