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On the Sill | Begonia Rex

Begonia Rex Begonia Rex - begonia rex-cultorum

This species of Begonia originated in the forests of Northern India, southern China & Vietnam. There are countless varieties of not only Begonias but the Begonia Rex. There are over 4000 varieties as a result of selective breeding of these plants.

LIGHT- Bright indirect light is what these plants require however the Rex variety can handle lower light then other begonias they just won't grow as fast if not receiving enough light. These plants do not like any direct sun & burn easily so avoid west & south windows in our hot Alberta summer or have it placed somewhere it doesn't get any direct light.

WATER- This plant likes to stay evenly moist but not water flogged. If the soil is dry to the touch it's time to water. This is usually once a week depending how dry the location it's in is. This plant love humidity so a bathroom with a window would be a great location. However when they don't like direct misting as it can lead to powdery mildew

PRUNING - You can remove any dead or damaged leaves at any time. Most pruning done to this plant is for aesthetic. Cutting off any long leggy leaves helps promote new growth & a fuller plant. Propagation of this plant is very simple! You can take a leaf & put it directly into water & it will grow roots! There more success with branches that have multiple leaves but isn't


TOXICITY - Unfortunately this beautiful plant is toxic causing mouth irritation, vomiting & even some difficulty swallowing. Best to keep it out of reach of our furry friends.


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