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On the Sill | Bird Of Paradise

On the Sill | Bird of Paradise Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia is genus of five species of perennial plants, native to South America. It belongs to the plant family strelitziaceae. The genus is named after queen Charlotte of the UK.

LIGHT- This plant loves lots of bright indirect light & can handle some direct sun as well! Some signs this plant is suffering from lack of light are extreme leaf splitting, dropping leaves, new leaves that won't open & leaf browning.

WATER- Bird of Paradise enjoy moist but not soggy soil, make sure you allow this plant to slightly dry out between watering. Allow the top 2"-3" to dry before watering again to avoid over watering

PPRUNING - Like most plants trimming& cleaning up any dead leaves can be done at any point however any major pruning is should wait until early spring. Bird of Paradise can be propagated by taking a section of the plant with a established roots.

TOXICITY - The plant leaves are mildly toxic if ingested in large amounts. Can cause dizziness, vommiting & diarrhea.

Check out these gorgeous blooms! Although as a house plant the most common bloom colours are white or orange the bird of paradise can also come in yellow & red. These blooms are known as 'crane flowers.' It can take up to 3-4 years indoors before you see blooms & in the wild it can bloom all year round producing up to 36 flowers.


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