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On the Sill - Cacti

On the Sill this week I wanted to share a photo of my blooming cacti. Taken about 4 days ago, this beauty is still in bloom 🥰. I'm definitely the cactus lover out of Willy & I's partnership. If you see any big, old cacti hanging around the shop, it's usually my doing 🙈.

There's no instant plant gratification when it comes to growing cacti. They're the turtle of the plant world. So slow you can't tell they're growing at all 😂. What I do think is cool is that the great big stunners are old. Like 20 years or more old, and just the most unique and visually stimulating specimens. They also happen to be one of the lowest maintenance plants you could hope for. Needing watering maybe only a dozen times a year. Only a couple times during the winter months.

Lots of people associate cacti with needing copious amounts of sunlight. In my experience, I've never found that to be true. I do always make sure to keep mine as close to a window as I can though. I like my cacti to thrive, not just survive 🌵. The ideal is south facing, but any window is suffice.

The most likely reason you would struggle with cactus is too much water and/or not enough light. The combination of those two can be deadly. And cactus aren't forgiving. It usually only needs to stay too wet once or twice before they rot.

The other problem can sometimes be winter bug attacks. Most commonly mealy worms, which look like tiny, fuzzy, white mounds. Houseplant bug infestation is common this time of year. Lots of dry air, cold drafts and lack of light.




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