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On the Sill | Chinese Evergreen Selby

Chinese Evergreen Selby - Homalomena Selby

This is over 3000 years old & can be found in rainforests of Southern Asia & the southwest Pacific.

LIGHT- This grows in shady areas of the rainforest & grow quite well in lower light conditions however in our homes it's found to do best with bright indirect.

WATER- Allow the top 1" to dry out between waterins & make sure to give it a good soak. If you notice your plant looking wilted or droopy that's a sign it needs water.

PRUNING - These plants having a compact growth habit so maintaining their shape & pruning is easy! Just remove any dead or damaged leaves as needed. If you want to propagate this plant the best way to do so is by division. When re-potting the plant just carefully separate the part of the plant being careful to not damage the roots or cause to much shock to the plant.

TOXICITY - This plant is toxic & can cause some mouth irritation & skin irritation as well as some swelling in more serious cases. It's best to keep this plant out of reach of curious minds or fur babies.


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