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On the Sill | Dragon Tree

On the Sill Dragon Tree Magenta, Kiwi, Colorama

Dragon trees are native to Cape Verde, Morocco, Portugal, Madeira, & Spain's canary islands!

LIGHT- While there are a couple varieties that will grow in low light, most dracaenas will thrive in filtered, bright, indirect light. Be sure to avoid direct light as this can damage the leaves.

WATER- Dracenas like a thorough soaking once the soil is dried out, though be sure to avoid soggy soil as this promotes fungus and root rot. Dracaenas don't like salts or minerals so ensure you use filtered or distilled water or rainwater.

PRUNING- The best time to prune is in spring and summer, when the plant is actively growing. Try to avoid pruning in fall and winter. Be sure to prune with sharp tools so cute will be clean and even.

TOXICITY - Low to medium


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