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On the Sill - Ficus Island Bush

On the Sill this week we've got a plant from this ficus family.

Specifically, the ficus island bush.

This fella is one of about 6 ficus trees in my collection (fiddle leaf, rubber tree, ficus Ali, ficus Audrey and ficus yellow gem are among the others). They're my favorite species of plant I'd have to say 😂. Most prefer to dry out a fair amount between watering and require a good dose of sunlight. Direct and indirect. I've got ficus trees nestled between my east and south facing windows, but not directly in front of them.

I discovered my island bush is a little more particular about its moisture levels. I left him without water for a little too long recently and was rewarded with a some leaf loss 🍃. Oopse. Then I second guessed myself and moved it thinking maybe it wasn't getting enough light where it was due to the awesomeness of our Canadian winters 😂. I was rewarded again... With more falling leaves (most ficus find their "spot" and don't like to be moved). So... I moved it back, watered it heavily and it's finally come to life again, budding some new leaves (second image). For a while, I thought maybe it had been infested by some creepy critters although I couldn't find any evidence of it (a whole other, very long post, or maybe workshop for another time 😉). We don't currently have any island bush in the shop, but we do have some beautiful fiddle leaf figs, stunning and large Tineke rubber trees, a ficus Audrey and some ficus yellow gems. Its great entertainment giving these fellas a Google to see what they look like and their individual tendencies 🤭😉

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