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On the Sill | Ficus Lyrata

Ficus Lyrata - Fiddle Leaf Fig

This plant is native to Western Africa from Cameroon west to Sierra Leone where it grows in a lowland tropical rain forest & can grow up 12-15 meters tall!

LIGHT- Your fiddle leaf will grow best with consistent bright indirect light. You can turn your plant once every few months to keep it from leaning towards the sun. A east-facing sunny window will be perfect, a South or west facing window will have to strong of sun & can burn your leaves.

WATER- The fiddle leaf likes the soil should be kept consistently evenly moist. You can water once a week or whenever the top two inches or the soil is dry. If the leaves start to yellow or drop that's a sign your plant needs more water then it's getting.

PRUNING- Light trimming & removal of deaf leave a is fine all year long, if you're planning to do a major reshape or pruning it's best to wait until spring or early summer.

TOXICITY- Although these are not toxic to adults, it can cause some harm to children & our furry friends.


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