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On the Sill | Frosty Fern

Frosty Fern - "selaginella"

The coloration of the frosty fern inspired it's common name as it has that wintery look. This fern originates from south & east Africa, the Azores & Canary Islands.

LIGHT- Like most ferns this plant can only tolerate small amounts of sun. Night indirect morning sun is recommended as too much light it can become wilted. This plant normally does best in a more shady location.

WATER- Ferns require alot of water & the frosty fern is no exception! This plant likes to be evenly moist but not have it's roots standing in water. This plant does really well in terrariums or high humidity areas like a bathroom

PRUNING - If your plant is growing messily you can remove any leaves to get the desired share however too much pruning can cause damage to this plant but you are able to remove any dead or damaged leaves at any point.

TOXICITY - Not only is this plant is non-toxic! Safe for any house hold with curious critters


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