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On the Sill | Goldfish Plant

Goldfish Plant - nematanthus gregarious

Native to Southern Mexico, Brazil & Costa Rica the goldfish plant has over 25 different varieties. This plant's bloom resemble goldfish which is where it gets its name from. The different plant varieties also come with different goldfish colours including red, orange & yellow.

LIGHT- Bright indirect light is preferred for this plant. This plant can be sensitive to too much sun so it's best near a window but not in direct sun or in a east window with minimal morning sun.

WATER- This plant doesn't like to be over watered. Keep consistently wet but not water logged. Wait until the top 1-2" is dry before watering to avoid root rot. This plant will require a little more watering while blooming.

PRUNING - Pruning this plant regularly will encourage healthy branching & keep your plant looking full. If any branches get to 'leggy' you can punch them back to your desired length which allows the plant more energy for new leaves! You can take your cuttings & put them back into the top of the plant for more fullness or start a new plant!

TOXICITY - This plant is non-toxic! Making it the perfect addition to any collection.

Scroll down to see the bloom of this plant & a mature version or another variety


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