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On the Sill | Haworthia

Haworthia Fasciata

Often called a zebra plant this species of succulent comes from Eastern Cape Province, South Africa & thrive in the dry climate. The genus Haworthia has over 80 different species!

LIGHT- This plant does best in partial sun getting around 4-6 hours of sunlight a day. If you notice it turning a deep red its a sign the plant is getting more sunlight then needed & it is stressed.

WATER- Haworthia can go 3 weeks without water! If it's in bright light you may notice you need to water it a little more often & less in lower light. If your plant is looking a little droopy or lots of crispy leaves at the bottom of the plant you need to water more frequently

PRUNING - Like most succulents other than dead or dying leaves not much pruning is needed. Since this plant is a slower grower pruning too much can cause you plant to look bare. To propagate this plant just remove the pups off the mother plant. This is recommended to be done when the plant is not actively grow to reduce stress on the plant.

TOXICITY- This plant is non-toxic making it the perfect addition to any collection!


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