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On The Sill | Hoya Pubicalyx

Hoya Pubicalyx

Native to the Phillipines with fragrant blooms that resemble stars, the hoya Pubicalyx is a beautiful plant to add to any plant lovers collection.

LIGHT- Bright indirect light. Hoyas will tolerate lower light levels but become weaker & leggy and produce fewer leaves in lower light conditions.

WATER- Let your hoya plants dry out between waterings. Soak the soil thoroughly until water drains out. If your hoya is in brighter light you may need to water more so adjust accordingly. In the wintertime cut back on watering - only watering when the soil is dry.

PRUNING - Pruning your hoya can result in more flowers as the new flower spurs grow on the vines that development after pruning. To prune, snip the vine off just below a node at a length slightly shorter than the desired length. Remove no more than 1/3 of the plants foliage at any one time. The plant will branch and put on new growth from this point.

TOXICITY - We love that these Hoyas are non toxic to both humans and their pet friends.


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