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On the Sill | Jade Plant

Jade Plant - Crassula Ovata

The Jade plant originated in South Africa but has been cultivated as a house plant in Europe & America for over a hundred years. They're tough easy to grow succulents & are perfect plants for the warm & dryer conditions our houses normally have.

LIGHT- Jade plants are considered succulents so they love sunlight & need at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day.

WATER- Since the Jade plants are succulents that means they hold water in their leaves. That means they don't do well when the soil is constantly moist. Allow the top 2" of the soil to dry out before watering & water less in the winter months. If your plant randomly looses some leaves that's a good sign you need to water more.

PRUNING- Although these plants can be trimmed all year round the best time is spring or summer. To prune simply remove most of the lower leaves and pinch off the growing tip. Once it starts growing & developing more branches you can repeat the process or prune back more to achieve the look you like best. You can take these trimmed branches & propagate them into new plants.

TOXICITY- The Jade is toxic to our furry friends. It can cause gastric distress.

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