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On the Sill - Jasmine

It's time for another edition of 'On the Sill' 🤓. This week, I thought I'd chat about my jasmine. Beautiful, fragrant blossoms adorn her in this picture, which is common for jasmine.

When they're given the right growing conditions, they'll blossom on a regular basis. You'll also see some lighter green leaves in this shot. New growth due to me letting the soil get too dry and causing a few of the branches to die back. Oopse! 😂. It cost me a month or more of blossom-less jasmine too! These plants love sun and they love moisture. Mine sits perched on an east facing window shelf receiving plenty of direct sunlight. If you have one of these beauties and it doesn't blossom, it's likely needing a little more light. If the leaves are yellowing, it could need some fertilizer. If the leaves get crispy, you let the soil dry out too much. Evenly moist is best for these flowering stunners.

There are many varieties of jasmine (around 200 of them!) . Some fragrant, some not so much. Many are vines, but some form bushes. The colors of the blossoms can vary too and only a handful of varieties are suitable for growing indoors.

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