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On the Sill |Jasmine

Jasmine- jasminum officinale.

Many botanists believe this tropical and subtropical flower originated in Persia which is now Iran. This aromatic plant is native to Europe, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Himalayas and western China.

LIGHT- These plants do best in a bright room near a South facing window. They can tolerate up to four hours of direct sunlight from late spring until fall. Jasmine's benefit from spending some time outdoors as well. In summer, put them in a partly sunny location. Exposure to cooler temperatures in early fall will help buds form.

WATER- Keep the soil evenly moist, but not soggy. Less water is needed during the resting period when blooms are finished.

PRUNING - Regular pruning of your Jasmine plant is necessary to keep it looking neat and tidy. After your plant is done blooming cut away the spent shoots and 1/3 of the new growth. Remove any dead or damaged leaves and bare lower stems.

TOXICITY - True Jasmine plants are non toxic which make them a great addition to your plant collection.


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