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On the Sill | Maranta Red Prayer Plant

Maranta Red Prayer Plant - maranta leuconeura

Native to the Brazil the leaves close up at night in a way that resembles praying hands which is where the name prayer plant comes from.

LIGHT- Bright indirect light. However these plants can be somewhat tolerant of lower light conditions.

WATER- Keep the soil evenly moist but make sure you don't water too much so the roots don't get soggy. These plants also love humidity as well so near a kitchen sink, in the bathroom or near a humidifier is a great location for these guys! You can also mist them they need a little extra humidity.

PRUNING - Prayer plants benefit from regular pruning as it helps promote new growth. Pruning will help keep your plant more full. To propagate this plant all you need to do is taking cutting with a node & place it in water.

TOXICITY - Prayer plants are non-toxic so they're the perfect addition to any collection.


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