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On the Sill - Monstera Deliciosa

On the Sill this week is Monstera Deliciosa, otherwise referred to as split leaf philodendron or monstera split leaf. We've got 3 different plants pictured in this week's post. First 2 are Meg's, 3rd image is Willy's and the 4th is a T&S plant-y that's having some plant problems we're trying to troubleshoot.

The monstera is a light loving plant that's also very hardy and will adapt to less light if it needs too. The trade off is that the leaves won't grow as large or be as "dramatic" (aka-have as many splits). I have mine in direct east facing and indirect south facing light. About 4 feet from the window. Willy's is indirect north facing light. Both equally beautiful 🥰. They're typically quite easy to care for, but not indestructible 🤪. It appears our plant-y friend's monstera could be suffering from some mild root rot. Could also just be experiencing a little too much water and the stress brought on by winter (low light, cold drafts, forced air).

Some things that increase a plant's chances of root rot are:

- No drainage in your pot

- Soil that has poor aeration, causing water to sit stagnant and grow bacteria instead of evaporate.

- A pot that's too large

- Lack of light -too frequent watering (not letting soil dry out adequately between watering). The top 2-3 inches of soil in a 12" pot should be dry before you water. Less in a smaller pot (top inch to inch and a half).

- Quantity of water at each watering. Quantity should equal roughly 1/3rd of your container size or less. Always error to the lesser side of things in a container with no drainage or a plant that doesn't get as much light as it would like. Our advise:

- Watch quantity & frequency of water. Let the top 3" of soil dry out.

- Give it more light

- If no improvement, re-pot into a smaller container with drainage.

This is good info for almost any tropical plant. We love helping you guys trouble shoot. It helps us learn too! These guys are one plant we can agree kicks ass 🌱🙌




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