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On the Sill | Monstera Deliciosa

The genus is called monstera but several different species of monstera go by the common name Swiss cheese plant. This plant is native to tropical forests in southern Mexico to south Panama & had been introduced to many tropical areas & has become mildly invasive in places like Hawaii.

LIGHT- Bright medium - indirect light. While the monstera is known to tolerate lower light conditions the plant may become more leggy as a result. A spot where it'll receive bright indirect light a few feet away from a south, west or east window is ideal.

WATER- Monsteras prefer soil that is lightly moist & like a lot of plants need some time between watering to dry out a little. The aerial roots are sensitive to over watering so allow the top 2-4" of the soil to dry out between watering.

PRUNING- You can remove or dead leaves all year round but save any major pruning for the spring & summer months. It's best to do it before the plant enters it's growth season. Make sure your clippers at sharp & clean!

TOXICITY - unfortunately monstera deliciosa contains insoluble calcium oxalates so if our furry friends eats some of your plant it can cause vomiting, & some swelling of the mouth.


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