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On the Sill | Monstera Peru

Monstera Peru - Monstera Karstenianum

Most Monstera Plants originated from the jungles of Thailand or tropical regions of America. The monstera Peru is native to subtropical jungle environments. The Peru is considered a vining plant & can be grown as either a trailing plant or you can use a pole & have it grow upwards which tends to lead to larger leaves.

LIGHT- This plant will survive most light conditions indoors. The species Monstera is known to be a low light plant however if you give this plant bright indirect light it will be happier & grow faster.

WATER- The thick leaves of the monstera Peru makes this species more drought tolerant making it the perfect plant for those who may occasionally forget to water their plants! Allow the soil to dry out between watering as it sitting in soil too wet for a extended period of time will result in root rot.

PPRUNING - Trimming off any dead or unwanted leaves can be done at any time. If you're removing unwanted leaves cut above the node to allow the vine to keep growing, if propagating cut below the node & place in water or back into dirt to grow a new plant.

TOXICITY - This plant is mildly toxic. Ingesting the plant can cause oral irritation, swelling of the mouth, excessive drooling & vomiting. Best to keep out of reach of your fur babies or curious hands.

*Keep scrolling to see the different ways you can grow this plant*

Trailing or on a moss pole


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