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On the Sill | Moon Cactus

Commonly referred to as Moon Cactus these are not one but two different species of cacti that have been grafted together. The colourful part is known as Gymoncalycium Mihanovichii. These colourful parts come in multiple colours & originate from Paraguay & some provinces of Argentina.

LIGHT- Even though this plant is considered a cactus to much harsh direct sun can cause some scorching to occur. It seems happiest in partial sun or morning sun. If you notice the colour starting to fade that's a good sign it needs a little more light.

WATER- Like most cacti this plant doesn't require large amounts of water & does best when allowed to dry out. Make sure you thoroughly soak the soil when watering then water again once the soil has been dry for 3-7 days. If it starts to look wrinkly it might need water a little more frequently.

PRUNING - Because this cactus is two separate plants grafted together if you cut off the top it will not survive. It gets all its nutrients from the lower part of the plant. On average this plant is known to live for 1-3 years but can't live longer.

TOXICITY - This plant is non-toxic making it the perfect addition to any collection!

Scroll down to see some different colours this beautiful cacti comes in & a picture of what its bloom looks like!


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