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On the Sill | Peace Lily

On the Sill | Peace Lily Peace Lily - spathiphyllum

Peace lilies are a member of the Araceae family. They grow in the tropical rainforests of Colombia & Venezuela & was introduced into Europe in 1870. Peace Lilies are a common plant to gift as they symbolizing rebirth of the soul & transcendence from this earthly life. They are also commonly associated with peace & hope.

LIGHT- Although this plant can tolerate low light it prefers bright indirect light. If you notice your peace lily not growing or not blooming this could be a sign it needs a brighter location. Direct sun can cause the leaves to burn.

WATER- Peace lilies need to be consistently moist but don't like to sit in standing water. Water whenever the top inch of soil is dry or when you notice you plant looks droopy.

PRUNING - You can cut off any dead or dying leaves & blooms whenever you'd like. Once a bloom has expired it will not grow back cut the stem off at the base. Removing old blooms & dying leaves will help the plant thrive & aid in pest prevention. Peace Lilies can't be propagated through leaf or stem but are easy to propagate through division during any season.

TOXICITY - Although not as toxic as lilies we would plant outside or have in floral arrangements this house plant is still very toxic & can even be fatal to smaller pets. We recommend keeping it out of reach of pets & curious hands.

* the peace lily with variegation is a domino peace lily*


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