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On the Sill | Philodendron Lynette Campii

Philodendron Lynette Campii

This Philodendron native to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru & Brazil is often mistaken for an Anthurium but is part of the araceae family. It grows primarily in the wet tropical biome & is considered one of the more unusual Philodendrons out there.

LIGHT- This plant thrives in bright indirect light but can also do well in low- medium light as most Philodendrons do. However if in lower light conditions you won't see it grow as quickly.

WATER- Allow this plant some time to dry out between watering. When the top 2" of soil feel dry to the touch it's time to water. This plant thrives in humid locations & is known to grow bigger leaves when getting enough humidity. The Campii would be a perfect bathroom plant if you have good lighting.

PRUNING The Campii doesn't require a lot of pruning & the main reason for pruning is to keep it the desired shape. If you decide to prune your plant it can be trimmed back to 1/3 it's original size! Philodendron are one of the easier plants to propagate. Take a cutting with a Ariel root or node & place it into a clear glass of water. Within a couple weeks you should see roots. Once the roots are 1-2" long you can plant your new plant into soil.

TOXICITY- This plant is toxic & can cause some mouth irritation & skin irritation. Best to keep out of reach to those with curious minds.


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