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On the Sill | Philodendron Melanochrysum

Philodendron Black Gold Philodendron - Philodendron Melanochrysum

This member of the Philodendron family originates from the foothills of the Andes mountains in Columbia. This plant is known to be a great climber with gigantic leaves that can grow up to 24 inches long!! Although this plant can trail it won't have as big of leaves unless it can climb up. Moss poles are great for this plant to help it grow upward

LIGHT-Bright indirect is what this plant grows best in. Direct sun can result in leaf burn specially our hot summer Alberta sun. A east window with morning light is a great location for this plant.

WATER- Once the top 2-3" of soil is dry it's time to water. This plant does not like to be sitting in wet soggy soil & likes to be evenly wet what watered. If you struggle with watering a pot with drainage or leaving it in the grower pot is a good option to ensure it does not get over watered.

PRUNING - Pruning this plant is mainly to control the shape & size of it. You can remove any dead or damaged leaves at any time. If your plant gets leggy you can cut off the stems at the node for propagation. Place your cutting into water or back into the soil; it will root & help your plant look fuller.

TOXICITY -Philodendron leaves have calcium oxalate cry

Scroll down for a photos of a more mature plant with huge leaves


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