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On the Sill | Philodendron Pink Princess

The Pink princess is a Philodendron erubescens produced by selective breeding which makes it a rare plant. This plant is said to first appear in the 1970s. The species erubescens is a flowering plant from the Araceae family & originates from Colombia.

LIGHT- The Pink princess thrives in bright, indirect light needing around 6 hours of bright indirect light a day for better variegation. East or west facing window is recommended. If you notice your plant loosing it's pink colours that's a good sign it needs more sunlight.

WATER- Like most Philodendron the Pink princess doesn't want to be in soggy soil. To prevent root rot allow the top inch of soil to dry out in between watering. If the leaves of your plant look wilted that's a sign it needs more water.

PRUNING - The best time to prune any plant is in the spring, this helps promote new growth however you can remove any dead or damaged leaves at any time. If you notice a fully green or fully pink leave you can trim it back to the point where the leaves are variegated. If you want to propagate your plant it's quite simple. Like with most Philodendrons you can cut part of the plant off with a node & place it in water or moss in bright light & watch the roots grow! Then when the roots are about 1-2 inches long you can plant it into soil.

TOXICITY - This plant is slightly toxic causing excessive drooling & can even irritate the intestines. Best to keep out of reach of curious critters.

*Scroll down for a picture of a more mature plant*


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