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On The Sill | Polka Dot Begonia

Polka Dot Begonia Polka Dot Begonia - Begonia Maculata

This species of begonia is native to southeast Brazil & it grows naturally in the Atlantic rainforests. The Begonia maculata is an angel winged came Begonia and is commonly referred to as the polka dot Begonia which dervies from the unique silver spotted leaves. The word 'maculata' actually means spotted.

LIGHT- This plant is very susceptible to leave burn therefore no direct sun is recommended especially our hot Alberta sun. Bright light is still what helps this plant thrive just make sure it is indirect.

WATER- The trick to a happy Begonia is mimicking those rainforest conditions as closely as you can. This is a high humidity loving plant. It'll do best in a bathroom or near a humidifier. Misting the plant regularly can also help to temporarily boost humidity levels although it's not recommended to spray the leaves directly but the soil. This plant doesn't like soil too wet or two dry. Watering every 1-2 weeks allowing enough time for the soil to not be soggy or dry.

PRUNING - Trimming off any dead or unwanted leaves can be done at any time. Over time your plant may get leggy & you might want to rejuvenate it. You can prune your plant to encourage more growth & a busier plant. Propagation of the polka dot Begonia is simple. Take you cuttings after pruning & place in water! As long as there is a node & your place it in a clear glass in a sunny location you'll see roots start to grow without 1-2weeks! Once the roots are about 1" long you can plant them into soil.

TOXICITY - This plant is toxic. If large

amounts are consumed it can cause gastrointestinal problems & will likely result in vomiting. Best to keep out of reach of our furry friends

Did you know they can bloom two different colours?

* Scroll down to see photos of a blooming Begonia *


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