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On the Sill | Polka Dot Plant

The polka dot plant is from Madagascar & they are perennial herbaceous shrub whose stems get woody as they age. In its native habitat it can get up to 3feet tall but will be smaller when grown in a pot. This plant can come in a few colours including pink, red & pink.

LIGHT- These plants grow best in bright indirect light but can tolerate a little bit of Sun too much sun can cause the leaves to burn. This particular plant will have better & brighter colouring if it's in partial shade.

WATER- Polka dot plants do not like to be over watered you want to make sure you water enough to keep it slightly moist but not soggy. If you over water this plant will let you know right away with Browning/ yellowing leaves. Once the soil is almost dry it's time to water!

PRUNING- These plants can get leggy as they age more so in lower light conditions so regularly pinching the plant back with help keep it more compact & bushy. If you want to propagate this plant just take a cutting with at least two sets of leaves & put it in water & you should see roots without a couple days!

TOXICITY - This plant is perfect for all home as they are non-toxic so if your furry friend or toddler takes a bite they won't have any side effects


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