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On the Sill - Pothos Satin

On the Sill this week is the Satin pothos. There are a number of different types of plants within this hardy trailing family. Marble queen, golden and neon pothos to name a few.

They're all pretty similar in their light and water needs. You'll know your pothos is ready for a drink when their leaves start to wilt; however, it's not necessary to let it get to that point. I like to water my pothos when the top inch or 2 of soil is dry. An indication of too much water is the appearance of black spots on the foliage. This usually happens when watered too much in one watering or when you haven't allowed your plant to dry out enough between waterings. Probably the most common problem with a pothos.

As for light, these beauties are resilient and can withstand some lower light environments. I find the neon pothos and pothos n'joy varieties crave more sunlight then others. I have my satin pothos on a shelf adjacent to an east facing window. I've given it direct east facing sun and it enjoys that too, so not prone to sunburn 😎🌞. The last picture in this slide is my pothos when I first got her this spring and the 2nd one is how much it's grown in the past 9 months or so. She's probably about 6' long! About time to trim off the ends and propogate 🌱.

Elegant and eye catching! Anyone else have a satin pothos in their collection?




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