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On the Sill | Purple Passion

Purple Passion - Gynura aurantiaca

Another common name for this plant is the velvet plant as its leaves have a velvety texture & is a flowering plant in the Daisy family Asteraceae. This plant is native to Asia, specifically the Indonesian Islands of Java & Celebes & has been a house plant for over 200 years. Even though they are called a Purple Passion their leaves are technically a rich emerald green colour.

LIGHT- Bright indirect - medium is what this plant grows best in. A east window with direct sun is also okay. If you have this plant in a west or south window be sure to check on it often during our hot Alberta summers to avoid leaf burn.

WATER- This plant likes to stay evenly moist but not water logged. If the soil is dry to the touch it's time to water. This is usually every 1-2 weeks depending on how much sun it is receiving. This plant prefers to be bottom watered as the velvetly leaves hold onto the water & can cause mildew to form on the leaves.

PRUNING -This plant benefits from regular pruning as this trailing plant can be fast growing with good light conditions. Purple Passion also benefits from regularly pinching back the plant to help keep it looking fuller.

TOXICITY - This plant is non-toxic so it's safe for curious minds.

*Scroll down to see this plants flower & how it trails*


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