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On the Sill | Satin Pothos

Satin Pothos Satin Pothos - scindapsus pictus

Satin Pothos is a tropical evergreen climber belonging to the aroid family(araceae) from Southeast Asia. This includes Bangladesh, Borneo, Java, Malaya, Philippines, Sulawesi, Sumatra & Thailand.

LIGHT- This plant loves lots of bright indirect light. Although it's considered a low light plant too little light can cause the silver colour to fade. Too much direct sun can cause leaf burning even though it can tolerate short periods of direct sunlight. You'd want to keep your eye on it during our hot Alberta summers if you have you're somewhere with direct sun.

WATER- These plants like to be mostly dry between watering. Water when the soil is 75% dry or you notice the leaves start to curl. If it is getting more sunlight you may notice you need to water it a little more often.

PRUNING - Like most plants trimming & cleaning up any dead leaves can be done at any point however any major pruning is should wait until early spring right before grow season starts. If you want to propagate like most pothos you just need to place a cutting into water. Roots will grow from the nodes in as little as one week. Once the roots are long enough you can plant them into soil & just like that you have a new plant!

TOXICITY - If ingested by your furry friend this plant can cause irritation to the mouth, lips & tongue. Your pet may also experience some excess salivation & in some cases even cause vomiting.


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