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On the Sill | Silver Baby Tears

Silver baby tears - soleriolia solerirolii

This plant is likely from central America or Brazil but there is little known about the origins of this plant. Another common name for this plant is silver sparkle pilea.

LIGHT- Bright indirect light is the best sunlight for this plant, direct light can cause the leaves to burn.

WATER- Silver baby tears likes to get watered once a week or once every two weeks. It doesn't like the soil completely drying out, letting the top 2" of soil to dry before watering it is a good way to make sure you don't over water or underwater as this plant does not like its roots sitting in


PRUNING- Pruning the silver baby tears isn't necessary for the plant to have goof health, its more about how you want your plant to look. If you want a fuller plant then trim back to long vines to promote a more bushy plant. This plant is a fast grower & roots fast as well! If you want to propagate take a clipping above the node & place it in water. You should see roots in about two weeks!

TOXICITY - This plant is perfect for all home as they are non-toxic! Making them pet safe & kid safe!


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