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On the Sill - String of Pearl

Hey planties! Welcome to a new post we'll be incorporating into our weekly rotation (hopefully 😉; disclaimer: mom life). I think we'll coin it 'On the Sill' and it'll be an opportunity to learn and build plant community.

This week I am going to share my experiences with my string of pearls. She's probably one of my healthiest, happiest and easiest plants to care for. This is her pictured currently. I've had her since September, and being a light loving succulent, she's flourished sitting perched upon my south facing window sill. You can see her pearls are plentiful, bright green and full and you can see all kinds of new growth.

The biggest influences seem to be the placement (very close to a south facing window in an extremely bright, sunny spot). The second being appropriate water. Too much and the plant darkens in color and gets mushy. Too little and the pearls begin to pucker and get wrinkly. I always error on the side of too little and if I see puckering, I increase the amount and/or frequency I water. I find filling the surface of the soil once with about 1cm of water and letting that soak in is 👌. I find this with quite a few of my plants. Too little light for a string of pearls might look similar to too much water except the stems dry up and the soil isn't wet. We kill string of pearl in the shop with our north facing window unless we put them under our grow lights. When kept happy, string of pearl can become quite stunning and large, cascading down 2-3 feet!

I love my string of pearl. It's one of my most unique and beautiful plants. It's awesome watching it grow 🌱

Anyone else have anything to share about their string of pearl?



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