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On the Sill | Thai Constellation

Monstera Deliciosa Thai Constellation

Despite the Monstera originally being cultivated in England in the later 1700's the Thai Constellation is a hybrid plant that was first seen in Thailand. The variegation comes from a mutation in the plants tissue that was first seen in the 1990's. This plant is highly sought after because of its beautiful variegation & rarity.

LIGHT- Bright indirect light is preferred for this plant. If it is not receiving the proper amount of light it can cause the leaves to have less variegation. Due to the white leaves it can sunburn easier it's best to keep your eye on it if its getting some direct sun.

WATER- This plant doesn't like to be over watereda. Keep lightly moist not wet. Thai Constellations are more prone to root rot but can't handle drying out fully the way the green monstera Deliciosa can. Watering around every 2ish weeks or once the top 2" is dry.

PRUNING - Pruning this plant is mainly to remove dead or damaged leaves which makes it a low maintenance house plant. You can prune to manage the growth if it's getting to big. Like the green monstera you can propagate this plant by taking a cutting with at least one leaf & one node taking 2-3 weeks to start growing its own root system.

TOXICITY - This plant slightly toxic & can cause oral irritation, swelling / pain of the mouth & excessive drooling. Best to keep out of reach of furry friends.


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