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On the Sill | Tillandsia

Airplants - Tillandsia

Did you know airplants are part of the Bromeliad family? This plant is likely to have developed in the Cretaceous period 65 million years ago, as a fossil was recently found dating back 30 million years. There are over 500 known species & they can be found in a few different environments including deserts, forest & mountains of Central & South America, Mexico & the United States.

LIGHT- Airplants need bright light & they can even handle a few hours of direct sun. In our winter months with a lot less natural light we recommend grow lights or grow bulbs as they need constant bright light. Around 6 hours a day of bright light is necessary to keep these plants happy & thriving

WATER -Watering your Tillandsia is a little different from most house plants since they don't have a 'normal' root system. You fully submerge it in water for 15-25 minutes, normally longer in the hotter dry months, then place them upside down on a towel or cloth to fully dry before putting them back where you display them. These plants also love humidity so near a humidifier will help keep it from drying out.

PRUNING - Remove any dead or dying leaves at any point, however keep in mind this plant has no roots so it absorbs all its nutrients from its leaves & the sun. Over pruning can cause this plant to not be able to get all it needs to survive. You can't propagate these plants but they do grow pups you can separate from the mother plant once they're big enough.

TOXICITY - This plant is non-toxic! Making it a perfect addition to any collection.


Here's some more photos of different types of tillandsia & how you can display them


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