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On the Sill | Weeping Fig

The ficus Benjamin or commonly know as weeping fig or ficus tree us a species of flowering plant in the moraceae family. This plant is native to Asia & Australia and had become the official tree of Bangkok.

LIGHT- Bright indirect light is the what this thrives on, the brighter the better! You're welcome to take it outside as well but too much direct sun can result in burned leaves.

WATER- Weekly watering may be required for your ficus benji! They like to be kept evenly moist but not soggy so wait until the top inch or two is dry before giving it more water.

PRUNING- You should prune this specific type of ficus when it's no longer seems to be actively growing or producing new leaves. Winter is the best time to prune due to it going dormant. These guys like to be a little more root bound in their pots & require reporting less often then most plants. When trimming this plant make sure you cut close to the node between where the leave/twigs join on the branch/stem & then you can propagate!

TOXICITY - This plant is a medium level of toxicity. If ingested it can cause oral irritation, drooling & sometimes vomiting when ingested.


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