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On the Sill | Whale Fin Snake Plant

Nicknamed whale fin for its unusually wide paddle-like leaves. While a slow grower the whale fin can reach an impressive size in comparison to other members from the sanserveria family. This rare plant can grow up to 3feet in height & with good care can live up to 25 years.

LIGHT- although snake plants prefer bright indirect light they are known for being low light tolerable but are also able to handle some direct sun. It's the perfect plant for any room.

WATER- Snake plants love to dry out so make sure you allow enough time for that between watering. Once it's dried out give your plant a good shot of water. If the leaves seem to have a little wrinkle to them that's a good sign it's time to water. These plants are perfect for anyone as they are drought tolerant & can also survive some over watering.

PRUNING- You're more then welcome to prune this plant however you want but cutting off brown tips can lead to scarring of the leaves & is more prone to scarring with damaged leaves. If you're wanting to propagate your new leaf off the mother plant you can do so like any other snake plant! By gently removing it from the mother plant or cutting it & placing it either water or directly into soil.

TOXICITY- Snake plants are known for to have low toxicity. Although it's low it's not non-toxic. If your furry friend wants to take a bite they'll be okay but if it eats the whole plant you might want to take them to the vet just to be safe!


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