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Pet Friendly Plants

Pet friendly plants

Having pets & loving plants can be tricky when some plants are extremely toxic. The last thing you want is a sick fur baby! Good thing there's a good list of non-toxic plants available for those fur babies that just can't help but take a bite or ten out of your favorite plants!

Here's some of our favorites non-toxic, pet friendly plants to add to your collection

Spider plants


Prayer plants


Donkey tails

Ponytail palm

Majesty palm

Polka dot plant

Money trees


Most ferns

Most succulents

Chinese money plant

What does non-toxic plant really even mean?

It means if the plant is consumed by fur babies or actual babies it will cause no harm. Plants that are toxic can cause symptoms as mild as a upset stomach or as serious as organ failure. Even if the plant isn't being eaten some saps can be poisonous so if your child broke off a leaf & touched the sap it could cause some skin irritation so it is best to keep those plants out of reach of curious minds.

When you have little ones or pets its important to look into the toxicity of the plants your buying with some plants like the peace lily because toxic enough to cause serious health problems & even death in smaller animals. Although this can seem scary you don't have to avoid the plants with toxicity its just important to be mindful when buying them & making sure you have a safe place to display it.


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