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Spring is Here | Spring Plant Care

That means it's time to give some love to our indoor plants!

You will notice more growth on your plants as the days get longer & there is more sunlight. This means some of your plants may need bigger pots & you may need to increase the amount of water you are giving your plants or the frequency of watering.

Now is a good time for pruning you've been putting off. Clean up your leaves with a good wash or dust to make sure they're absorbing all that sunlight. If your plants collect too much dust they won't photosynthesize properly. This can lead to lots of yellow leaves & a unhappy plant. A good wash every now & then helps keep your plants pest free as some pests are hard to see. It's also a great time to fertilize your plants!

The best way to give your plants a little dust is to wash them off in your shower or sink, whichever is easier for you to do so. You can even wait until its warm enough & take your plants outside & use the garden hose if you're worried about making a mess in your house.

If you think you have any pests on your plants mixed in with the dust or dirt we recommend you give it a neem as well while you're cleaning up your plants. You can spray neem onto a microfiber cloth & wipe down both sides of the leaves or just spray it directly onto the leaves after a good wash. If you choose to just spray neem on the plants make sure you give each leaf a good wash beforehand to get all the potential bugs off! Spray down the stems as well as some pests like to live there. If you have those pesky fungus gnats give your soil a neem too that will help keep them at bay.

Although it's getting warmer don't put your plants outside just yet! You want to make sure we are done with snow & chilly nights before taking you're indoor plants outside. You don't want to risk your plants getting any cold damage or going into shock. You want to wait until the temperature doesn't drop below zero for a couple weeks before you start moving your indoor plants outside.

Need help with your spring plant care?

We have all the things you need. From watering cans, to neem & soil.

Don't like the mess?

Bring your plants in & well repot them for you!


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