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On the Sill | Citrus Trees

On the Sill Citrus trees Lemon Meyer , Citrus Key Lime

Did you know these that even though citrus trees are typically grown in warmer climates like California, Florida & Italy these plants can produce fruit when grown in Canada even when they're in doors!

LIGHT- These plants require a lot of sunlight when growing them indoors, a good south facing window will do these plants wonders! They need about 8 hours of sun light so you may need a grow light during winter months when we don't have a lot of sunshine.

WATER- Regular watering is key. Citrus plants need to be kept moist but not soggy specially in the winter to prevent root rot & fungal infections. Citrus trees also love humidity so keeping it near a humidifier or misting regularly will help keep your plant happy!

Q PRUNING- These plants require minimal pruning to look their best but regular pruning does help promote healthier trees, fever broken branches & more fruit! You can remove any branches that are rubbing on eachother or hang too low & new growth will replace the old branches. You can also prune according to how you want it to look.

If you want to take your citrus trees outside in the summer months it's important to make sure there is no more threat of frost. Bring your plant outside slowly, first by placing it in a shady spot & then moving it into the sun to avoid shocking your plant or scorched leaves. & Then do the same in reverse to bring it back inside before the first frost hits.

TOXICITY- The fruit these plants produce is edible & safe for human consumption, unfortunately some of the oils the trees produce are toxic to pets so it's best to keep your furry friends away from the plant


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