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On the Sill | Ginger Variegated

Ginger Variegated - alpinia zerumbet variegata

Alpinia zerumbet commonly called shell ginger is native to eastern Asia. This perennial can grown in upright clumps 8-10' tall outdoors & 3-4' tall as a indoor houseplant.

LIGHT- As a house plant bright light is needed for this plant to thrive. This plant can burn easily so you'll have to watch out hot Alberta sun if you have it in a south window. If the edges of the leaves are turning brown one cause is sunburn.

WATER- Another cause of brown edges in not enough humidity or water. Although you can water this plant every 1-2 weeks it doesn't like to be in soggy wet soil. Allowing enough time for the top 1-2" of soil to dry between watering will help prevent over watering.

PRUNING - This plant doesn't require alot of pruning other then for desired shape. You can remove any dead or dying leaves at any time to promote more full plant.

TOXICITY - This plant is non toxic. The leaves of several common ginger plants are even used in cooking.

*keep scrolling to see a large ginger plant indoors*


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