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On the Sill | Hoya Heart

Hoya Heart - Hoya Kerri

This species of Hoya is native to south-east Asia & is sometimes referred to as 'lucky heart'. This type of Hoya is considered to be rare although it has become more common of the last few years. They are known for their VERY slow growth rate it can take years before it grows another leaf but can achieve lengths of 10feet long indoors!

LIGHT- As with most Hoya they enjoy some direct sun. It's recommended 2-4 hours of sun a day any more can result in leaf burn specially during our hot Alberta


WATER- The Hoya Heart only needs water once the soil is almost completely dry. It's usually once a week in the summer & closer to two weeks in the winter. If you stick your finger in the soil & it's mostly dry it's time to water.

PRUNING - You can remove any dead or damaged leaves at any time. Most pruning done to this plant is for aesthetic trimming any sparse sections for a more neat & compact look. Getting a trellis for this plant is a great way to help it look more full.

TOXICITY - Like Other Hoya this plant is non-toxic. Perfect for fur babies who like to take a bite.

*Scroll down to see this Hoya's bloom & a more mature plant*


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