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On the Sill | String of Pearls

String of Pearls String of Pearls - Scencio Rowleyanus

Commonly known as string of pearls or string of beads. This plant is a succulent vine from the aster family. Native to dry areas of southwest Africa stems typically trail along the ground reaching 2-3' long!

LIGHT- This plant thrives on a combination of direct & indirect sunlight. They're happiest in direct morning sun (east window) or indirect in that harsh & hot afternoon sun.

WATER - String of pearl is very sensitive to over watering so less is more when I comes to watering! Every 2-3 weeks or when the top two 2 inches of soil is dry. If you notice the 'pearls' looking shriveled or wrinkly that's a good sign it's time to water.

PRUNING - Pruning can help promote a fuller plant. Simply trim off any dead stems or peals or any stems that hav

e lost all their pearls. To propagate you can just cut a stem off your plant, remove the 'pearls' on the bottom inch & then place them into water or directly into soil. They should root within a few weeks.

TOXICITY - This plant is slightly toxic it can cause your furry friend to vomit or to he lethargic. Best to keep out of reach of pets & kids.

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