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On the Sill | Swiss Cheese Vine

Swiss Cheese Vine - monstera adansonii

Swiss cheese, monkey mask, mini monsters or any of its many common names is a vining plant native to Central & South America. It is part of the Araceae family & looks similar to monstera deliciosa although it doesn't grow quite as large.

LIGHT- This plant comes from deep within the rainforest where it doesn't receive any direct sun. Although they can tolerate some direct sun or a location with shade they thrive best in bright indirect light.

WATER- Like most plants the Swiss cheese will let you know when it needs water by drooping or limp leaves if you notice your plant doing this check the soil. If the top 2" is dry it's a good sign it's time to water. Keep in mind if you have it in brighter light it will dry out faster than in a shady location.

PRUNING - The best time to prune is spring but removing any damaged or dead leaves can be done at any time. If your plant is getting too leggy you can cut those vines off & propagate them. Make sure your cutting has a node & place into water, in a couple weeks it will be ready to plant! You can add it to your existing plant to make it fuller or start a new plant baby!

TOXICITY - This plant is toxic & can cause some mouth irritation, excess drooling & vomiting. Its best to keep out of reach of furry friends & curious kiddos.


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