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On The Sill | Twin flower Agave

Twin Flower Agave- agave geminiflora

The twin Flower Agave is a dwarf variety of agave that comes from a very limited area north of Ocotillo Mexico in the state of Nayarit. Its name refers to the fact that the flower they get blooms pairs.

LIGHT- These guys need lots of light when grown indoors. A south or west facing window would be ideal.

WATER- In the summer you can water once every couple weeks, allowing the top 2" of soil to dry out between watering. The rest of the year you can cut back watering to once a month.

PRUNING - No pruning or grooming is necessary, but after blooming you can remove the flower stalk.

TOXICITY - This particular agave is non toxic so it would make a great addition to your plant collection.


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