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On The Sill | Venus Flytrap

Venus fly trap - dionaea muscipula

The Venus flytrap is native to subtropical wetlands in North and South Carolina in the United States. They are carnivorous plants, meaning they actually trap insects in their leaves for food! They attract their pray with sweet nectar. When an unsuspecting insect triggers a hair on the "trap" at the end of a stem it closes and the plant digests it's meal. After about a week, it reopens it's trap.

LIGHT- These guys like bright light, so a sunny southern exposure indoors is great.

WATER- Keep your plant wet but not waterlogged. You can stand your pots in about a cm of water and let them soak it up.

PRUNING - Each trap on the venus fly trap can only close about a dozen times before dying- this is normal. You can prune off any dead leaves at the base of the plant.

TOXICITY - Unless you are an insect, these guys won't cause you any harm.


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